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Notes from Dadi Janki London April 22, 2013

Dehi Ahbhimani (Soul Consciousness)

No two BKs are the same, nor can they be.  Each one is totally unique.  You cannot compare one with another.  We should not try to evaluate ourselves or each other on the basis of comparison with another one.  We should not discriminate against one on the basis that they are not like another one.

I am speaking slowly,  When I use the word “I,” I am observing myself closely, seeing that there is not the slightest trace of arrogance, deh abhimani.  The sign of body consciousness is that is brings various feelings, slight traces of toxic feelings within. (Like chemical trails inside the heart. )

The feeling of dehi abhimani (soul consciousness) brings about the feeling of Godly fulfillment.   I am watching your faces as you are listening to this.  I am speaking to each one of you separately and individually.  I am seeing if you are accepting this.

The stage of consciousness of being dehi abhimani, (soul conscious) is easy for Baba.  It is easy for the Father who is Omnipotent, sarva shaktivan, having all powers.  We have to become complete through the application of all the powers.  He is the only one who is sarva shaktivan, omnipotent.  Not a single power that arises from the Omnipotent one should be missing from within us.  He is making us into the fully empowered ones.

This is the time of the Confluence Age.  We are sitting at the confluence age and we are on a pilgrimage.  Are we not making all preparations for leaving?  Our destination is in our eyes, our vision, and He who is taking us is also in our eyes, our vision.  On a pilgrimage cleanliness and truth are imperative. We are being pulled towards Baba and he is drawing us to himself.  We are moving away from here and towards the region beyond.  There is nothing here for me.

It is not yet 12 hours that I am here and the feeling is we are all going together.  No one should get left behind.  We are not worrying about anyone, yet we must apply such a method, Viddhi, that pulls the soul so that it gets drawn beyond and goes.  The wings of enthusiasm and zeal, as the song goes, let’s fly away, bird.

Someone wrote their experience, of what I was and what I have become.  In a second, we should realize what is reality, what it means to be real.  This is royalty.

Everyday Dadi Gulzar brings a message.  And we sit together daily for deep ruhrihan, spiritual conversation.  It is as if we are living together, subtly we are very close.  I see she is Baba’s rath, (vehicle) and since childhood, Baba had given her the sustenance that carries her forward in the life of a child.  Even now she leads the life of a child.  Her service lies in that.

I cannot become that.  Her part is extraordinary.  She has nothing other than Baba in her heart, nor does she have any one else in her mind, neither does she have any thing else overshadowing her face or her thoughts.  She has nothing else except Baba.  There is nothing.  But…

Baba is knowledgeful, powerful, omnipotent.  So He says to me: So what do you have to do?  This is why I cannot prevent myself from saying Omshanti three times, and still I do not get a response.    Chintan, What is in my thinking …  I have no concerns (chinta) at all.  There is no sign or trace of any kind of worry in me.  Baba is Karavanhar, the one who gets things done.  I don’t have to do anything.  These are indeed very simple things.

Sometimes I say to Dadi, yours is the instrument, the rath, and you have enabled everyone to know who Baba is.  But it is through me that Baba enables everyone to know what Baba does.  How He uses me as his instrument in this way.

What does Baba do?  He has to make someone dance doesn’t he.  He doesn’t think: well she is of a great age…  He doesn’t seem to know what having an age means.  My cough…  Anyway it gets time to perform, and that includes when I lie down to go to sleep, but at the time when I have to speak, my cough will not get any time.

I am telling you this is a matter of extreme bliss, I know who I am and who I belong to. Throughout my life since I have become Baba’s – anyway I never knew what is the attachment and maya of worldly life – I never knew what it meant to be caught up in money and relatives, I was not caught up in any attraction, but my focus has always been: Who is the Father, and Who am I?  That is a matter of just two small sentences.  There is nothing to be confused about, so please stop being confused.  Neither should anyone get confused on seeing you.  By being completely clear you are accumulating a huge amount of punya,  (Charity.)  Stay in pleasure.  Remain always in pleasure with a still, quiet Chitta.   (Pleasure is Mōj and confusion is Moonj)

The Chitta (Memory where experiences get imprinted)

The mind can never attain stillness until the chitta has become still.  There has to be absolutely no impact or consciousness of any thing past imprinted on the chitta, through the intellect considering it to be good or bad.

Why I am telling you this is, if anyone truly wishes to bring about personal change, transformation, today, this is that moment, it has arrived.  This is the day of Somwar, Monday, the day of the nectar of knowledge.

These points are so incredible, but they will only work when you never allow any sanskara of any form of body consciousness, (arrogance) because those sanskaras will not allow these points of information to function or operate.


Good points, concepts, are to be applied.  If there are issues stuck in your sanskaras, they would have penetrated your swabhav, (nature, conditioning, Modus Operandi.)  Then you are pulled into the influence, gravitational force field of your swabhav.  (sense of self).  This is also mentioned in the Gita.  Arjun It is not their fault, they are under the influence of their Swabhav.

Sanskrit dictionary gives swabhav as:

Character, impulse, nature, inherent nature, natural state or constitution, spontaneity, innate or inherent disposition, own condition or state of being.  (Knee jerk reaction.)

Do not talk about, or sit and describe or gossip about someone’s swabhav.  To discuss someone’s swabhav, to think over it, is dangerous because someone’s swabhav is contagious and can infect your heart, and distort your perception of who that person is.

You have to care for yourself and protect yourself from such influences, which can attack and enter into your heart.  The heart is very weak.  (Be aware of the power of the colour of company).

Your heart can get hurt in a second.  Then it is very difficult to heal it.  The heart is the most fragile and sensitive thing of all.  Your head is connected with your heart.

To remain happy and share happiness, is the fortune that God has given me.  To allow oneself ever not to be happy means that whatever He has given us will be taken back, and it will not return to us.  The present time is very fragile and delicate.

As much as God is the Innocent Lord, to that extent, in the present sakar murlis, he is clarifying the question of Dharamraj.  (He is making us aware that each thought and second of action has severe consequences).  We should never think that we have already read these murlis, but be specially attentive to their immediate current relevance.


Surrendered life means to be a trustee and to be videhi, (bodiless, diseased, incorporeal.  To whom did you surrender, to God, not to any human being.

God is wonderful.  People ask me about all this, including Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat State.  In his speech he may repeat some words I have used, but he doesn’t know their meaning.

You and I are fortunate, because we have no time for anything else.  Neither to think about anything else, nor to speak about anything else.  What is Baba?  And what does He do all day?  He doesn’t even sleep.  Sakar Baba hardly slept, now he doesn’t sleep.

Destruction of Weaknesses and Deficiencies

Whenever you came in front of Baba, he would disappear, he would become incorporeal.  Sit in front of Baba.  I came into Baba’s room when I first arrived here.   In Diamond House I went three times to Baba’s room.  Why?  How is it different from when I remember Baba in my room.  No, it is special.  We should definitely meet Baba in Baba’s room.  We should see Baba first and then look at others.  Within Baba’s drishti, and in his words…  If we want to destroy any deficiencies, or weaknesses within, if we sit specially in front of Baba for this, He will give special drishti.  But it will not work if I do not have the lagan (intense desire) to finish them off.

There is a sister whom I had signaled to finish her weaknesses and deficiencies.  She went to sit in front of the Tower of Peace.  She sat and sat, and she saw and experienced, Baba gave her such power, and she could feel and realize that this weakness will henceforth not come back to me.  Another went to sit in Baba’s hut.  They found a time when there was space there.  The pilgrimage of the four dhams in Pandav Bhawan, (Baba’ Room, The Hut, History Hall and the Tower of Peace).  Even you can sit here and do this.   This is a pilgrimage.

Baba has given a blessing which he said in a murli regarding the tower of peace.   He said, you have to become a tower.  It will draw everyone’s attention.  In foreign countries, towers are very tall.  People’s attention will be drawn to you if you stand as a tower of knowledge, love, power and purity.  Through purity, love and knowledge, power arises.  Stay in that tower-like consciousness.  When you serve through your mouth,  some listen and some don’t.  But when they see your towering form, they are pulled by purity, peace, love and knowledge.

Now very little time remains.    There are the treasures of time, thought and breath.  We do not need to put forth any thoughts, there are no thoughts to think.    But within our thought let there be purity, peace, love and knowledge.  Each one should observe their thoughts.  I am watching all of you.  Dadi is able to perceive what is going on in each one’s mind to see who has purity, peace, love and knowledge.

Create elevated karma and sanskaras

Narendra Modi was saying that by applying the mind and the intellect, the sanskaras change.  He announced about me that Dadi you have taught us how to keep our minds and intellects still.  But, how can the old sanskaras get changed.  Old sanskaras have been built up over many, many lives.  To deal with those, our remembrance has to be so powerful.  In every murli Baba tells us to destroy the vikarmas, negative karmas.  Destroy the sanskaras, by remembering.  Forget everything and remember only Me alone.  But then, if I remember something, then…  The remembrance of Baba will not occur.

This is a very deep and subtle secret aspect.  These deep and subtle points have to be noted separately.  Now gyan has become ultra subtle.  Yoga is real when we perceive that at this time the sanskaras of the King are arising and getting formed.  Through Raja Yoga the sanskaras of such royalty are formed.  There are no longer even traces of sanskaras of being warriors.  Do all of you feel that these are the latest feelings and fragrances.  What is service?  The kingdom.  Through the kingdom of remaining in the feeling of realty, being real, you inspire in everyone the feeling to serve the yagya.

You are surrendered.  But you have to check whether the mind, words and karma, are indeed elevated and pure.  (sresht).  Then you can become a yogi, that is videhi, (bodiless) and a trustee.  But if the mind, words and karma are not sresht, elevated…  What is the definition of sresht? 

The Attitude of being an Instrument, (Nimit Bhav)

In that we cannot think that whatever is My idea, is what should be done.  We would not have the thought of my idea.  (Mera Vichar).  But whatever is to happen, it is already destined and fixed,  This is the time of the confluence.  Baba is the one who gets things done.  Can any other thought arise?

Don’t say, will it happen? should we do this?  Just watch…

Dadi Gulzar has written a message for me from Baba saying.

“You have made Baba your companion, you have received the blessing of remaining a detached observer.”  Baba is your companion.  Baba is making me move through signals.  Baba is the one who is getting things done, I am the instrument.  There should be the attitude of being an instrument.

We need to go into the depth of the meaning of having the attitude of being an instrument.  Brahma Baba had done this.  Instrument means, through Brahma Baba’s drishti, his words, and while speaking and performing practical karma, he inculcated the form of being a mirror.  By looking into that mirror – Baba is such a powerful mirror, -that my looking into it, and seeing clearly, there is complete transformation. You don’t have to waste time analyzing, but just look into the mirror.  This is a very easy method, (siddhi).

Intense desire

But the most important thing is if you are even slightly under the influence of your own sanskaras, and you make your nature, character according to that, until and unless there is the intense desire, (lagan) to change that, personal transformation is completely impossible.  (when you are under the influence of your sanskaras, you think they are the real you and identify with them.  It is necessary to dis-identify with them considering that they come from external conditioning, and are not your original identity)

Even if Baba wishes it.  Baba wishes it, Baba has no other desire.  In all the murlis you can see that Baba wants only that my children should attain a high status.  Baba has kept us completely free.  We have no responsibility on our shoulders.  Baba says the complete responsibility for the yagya is on me.    You are not responsibility for anyone or anything.  All you have to do is claim a high status.  This is your responsibility.  I give you my support in this.

You can do service, and that too with truth and humility.  Then Baba will give cooperation in that and inspire others to cooperate with you also.  In that you have Baba’s love.  You just cooperate with Baba in his task.  If you always say Ha ji to Baba, then Baba will always say ha ji to you.  To say ha ji is very beneficial.  Baba becomes present in front of you, and in your nature, you become easy and cooperative with all and are able to take cooperation from all.

Deep Spiritual Information (English)

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