Dadi Janki’s message for the Environment

Om Shanti, We live in the world together with the five elements of matter. The planet is made of the five elements, as are our physical bodies but the benefit that humanity could derive from them is not forthcoming.

The natural environment is there in the future Golden age and it is there now at the present time, but there will be a vast difference.

The condition of the natural environment depends entirely on human behaviour. The elements of air, earth, ether, fire and water are the constituent parts of our bodies as well as our natural surroundings. The earth is our mother, the Supreme Being is our Father however the great religion of truth, purity and non-violence is now missing. Now what is our task for restoring nature to its original pure state? For this we practice deep meditation, and renunciation of desires and attachments, because these are the root causes of suffering.

I want this! I want that! Even small children and old people say this. Desires are never-ending. People say, this is mine, don’t touch it. Attachment and desire have to be given up from within.

According to the current atmosphere, my feeling is not to give a message, but to convey that what people truly crave is the experience of truth and love internally.

The atmosphere and vibrations then become very good, so I begin with saying Om Shanti. Wherever there is peace, there will be happiness, love and power. So in this world of the five elements of matter and in these human bodies, if I have peace, love, truth and power the atmosphere will be enlivened. I am not sitting here temporarily on this stage, the drama of the world is a stage where we must always play our parts.

We play our roles with detachment, love for God, as a good friend to ourselves, and give support to nature. The five elements where we live are experiencing distress so we must now show great regard for the environment. Nature is our mother. She is to become completely pure once again and make this entire world a place of happiness and bounty. Om Shanti.

Dadi Janki’s message for the Environment

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