UN FAO Lecture:  The World We Want

The World We Want

UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, August 21, 2012 – BK Denise

Let me suggest something to you: “Do not think about a green apple!”  What happens in your mind?  Obviously, you think about a green apple.  We should be very clear in our minds, as to what exactly we do want.  What is not right becomes the focus of our attention and we direct our mental energies to that.  We invoke and sustain it, and make what is wrong persist.  Whether we should or should not think about a green apple, a green apple comes to mind.

Most people believe improvement occurs through removing or eliminating the negative, whether circumstantially, environmentally, or in terms of difficult people. Regarding a difficult person in your office you might think: “well if this one could be removed, fired or promoted, everything would be ok.”  It is deeply engrained in our culture to focus on what we do not want.

Today we want to look at the future we do want.  That requires making a decision to adopt a policy of being proactive, a commitment to be positive about what we want.  When you clarify what you want, and hold it in your mind, you cause it to happen.  However most people do not usually think with sufficient precision or intensity, and consequently assume that it is not so.

Can you imagine having no further anger, anxiety or worry for the rest of your life?  That you have the power to just stop it at will.  What would that be like?  The mind can be shifted from its current condition through the training and practice of Raja Yoga Meditation.  Think about your thoughts.  You produce ordinary thoughts, everyday thoughts, worried thoughts, and many people generate obsessive compulsive thoughts.  But imagine that you have a collection of pure thoughts which are positive and true under any circumstances, and that you deal only in the currency of pure thoughts.

When enough people apply sufficient self-discipline to produce only pure thoughts, the collective power of those minds can actually cause whatever world you want, simply with the power of pure thought.  The discipline is to monitor your thoughts closely, and progressively eliminate any thoughts that are unnecessary, doubting, negative, waste or ordinary, and use only pure thoughts.

What happens when you do that?  The energy of the mind, which is the foundation of creativity, is focused on exactly the world that you want.  When many minds hold a collective vision of the world we want, it has to become a concrete reality.   How do you do this, where you start?  You start individually.

A human being is a microcosm.  Whatever occurs in one human being is reflected in the macrocosm.  Take a random figure of one million people, all sustaining one pure thought for a period of time.  The energy of those minds is then aligned, and the thoughts are no longer random or fragmented.  This produces a very strong energy field which is used to create the world you want.  It is conditional upon ceasing to think about what you don’t like and don’t want.  When you think about what you don’t want, you give energy to that.  It pollutes the purity of your thinking, and the power of pure thought no longer works.

It is essential to formulate a vision, write down the exact details of the world you want.  Consider your value system.  Check that your desire is not selfish or exclusive, but truly pure.  Once you have satisfied your own conscience that it is a pure desire, then hold the thought, spend time regularly thinking about it.  Use all your available time, such as when you are waiting in a queue, or holding on the phone, or having a shower, etc.  Apply your mind to the future you want, and push a wave or pulsation of thought into the “mind space.”  Just as there is the atmosphere or air space, there is also a mental space which contains thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

Imagine if you could hear all the thoughts of all the people in Rome.  It would be quite a cacophony.  To counter that, you and others can push out pure, harmonious, beautiful thoughts, to the point when it becomes more potent and influential then the fragmented cacophony of other people’s scattered thoughts.   Once it reaches a critical amplitude, it alters the way the world is configured.  It depends on maintaining the consciousness that: “I am a spirit and I have a mind which I can use however I want.”  The foundation is: “I am eternal, immortal, and there was never nor will there ever be a time when I do not exist individually.”  This strong thought affirms the permanency of the self.  Then express your vision.  The natural world harmonizes with the pure minds, and receives and resonates with that thought and adopts the outer expression of that thought.

There is an continuous symbiosis of the human mind and the natural world.  You are encouraged to experiment with this.  You can start with the world of your own body and soul.  Then extend it to the world of your family, the worlds of your office, your community, and your country.  There are worlds within worlds.

Think about the world you want.  It could be a world where everyone is self-aware, enjoys perfect mental and physical health, has whatever they need.  A world where there is no need for law enforcement or correction, where there is communication without miscommunication.  A world where the flowers are fragrant, and the birds sing for you when you wake up in the morning.  There can be such a perfect symbiosis.  I am sure your heart sings when you think in this way.  This re-awakens ancient memories of how it was.  Now, make it so once again.  Hold in your mind this feeling and vision of perfect harmony, of what it feels like to be perfectly loving, peaceful, pure and strong.  Then in your mind radiate it as far as possible.  This is how you do it.  For how long can you hold that thought?  One minute, one hour, 24 hours?  The practice is to extend the amount of time when you concentrate on that thought, and it becomes a reality.

When any trend reaches maximum, it finishes abruptly, and goes the opposite way, like the movement of a pendulum.  There is a maximum beyond which things cannot go.  We must analyse trends knowing that they are not indefinite.  They can continue only to a certain point, and that can be calculated.  Once things reach a maximum point, they do not just slowly go back the other way, but rather, they flip completely, suddenly and become their opposite.

Observe and you will start seeing the predicament of the world with new eyes, indeed with a whole lot more optimism. Deep within the human spirit there is an underlying sense of our immortality, that implies the human race cannot just disappear, and also it cannot just appear, because immortality goes in both directions of time.  Human beings are the carriers of intelligence and potentially the holders of what we might call divine intelligence.  This is the intelligence which imbues our existence with significance and meaning.  Intelligence is a spiritual phenomenon which cannot cease to exist.

The human body has the same proportions of the elements of matter as the planet Earth itself.  There are many such correspondences found in the natural world.  For example, a total solar eclipse is only possible because of the exact size of the moon relative to the size of the sun in terms of distance when seen by a human being from the Earth.  Any slight difference in the measurements of either and a total eclipse is impossible.  We have been taught to consider things as random, without deep meaning, but it seems that it is not so.

It may not be possible to prevent a global crisis, but after that extreme the world has a history of resetting itself.  There are geological signs indicating that whenever we reach a point of absolute crisis, the global mechanism resets itself, and restores itself to a point of perfect and sustainable balance.  Complete balance includes the social balance of masculine and feminine, emotional balance, psychological strength, balanced intelligence with which to interact with the planet which is your source of sustenance.  The Earth has the power to clean itself of all of the pollution, and degradation of the oceans, the air, and the environment.  All that is needed is to move the tectonic plates around, which will also move the waters.  Solar flares can move the magnetic field around.  The core material of the earth can  be spread onto the outside.

A winged heart is the symbol of Sufism.  The heart is the being that soars.  The soul flies in and then flies out.  Since it is invisible and subtle, you must be very sensitive to perceive it. In Christianity most churches portray a bird flying down from the light to represent the appearance of the spirit.  The spirit flies in from somewhere, and flies out to somewhere. We souls live in this world clothed in our bodies, dwelling in communities, interacting with nature.  Over time, more and more souls descend, and the human population has grown.

There is another dimension where souls exist outside time and space. The soul is a genderless being of conscient light.  Hindus and Buddhists speak of nirvana, the place of total silence, where there is not even the sound of a thought. Nirvana is a bank where all souls sit when we are not in bodies.  Once the soul takes a human form he begins an account with other people and nature of credit or debt.  A positive contribution in a human relationship, or with nature, it is an account of credit.  When you take what you need it does not put you in debt.  But when you take what you don’t need it becomes a debt.

When souls get in debt with each other and in debt with the planet, you can “refinance” for a while, but all of a sudden everything comes crashing down.  Settling my debt is inevitable.  Sooner or later the laws of equilibrium compel a final reckoning.  Today the debt of human beings to the Earth has reached the maximum point, as also has the debts of human beings to each other.

Consider the self as an immortal soul.  There has never been nor will there be a time when you personally do not exist.  Therefore somewhere within you, is the power to pass through an extreme crisis, intact.  To go through an extreme crisis, you need faith in yourself that you can.  If there is doubt, your capacity for correct action is immediately reduced or negated.  Secondly there must be faith that the Earth will restore itself to perfect balance.  Everything moves through stages, in cycles.  Once the cycle reaches its nadir, it goes immediately to its zenith.  The restoration of civilization, a balanced relationship between all peoples, and the natural world, occurs naturally through the agency of the Supreme Intelligence, who purifies and educates willing human minds.


UN FAO Lecture: The World We Want

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