The Details of the Power of Thought – Selected from Avyakt Bapdada

Definitions and Descriptions of Pure Thought

You will develop such a stage of consciousness that whatever thought arises in anyone’s mind, will reach you in advance of their telling you.  There will be no need for the matter to be discussed.  However, your ability to read the thoughts of others will happen only once you have acquired the ability to apply a full brake to your own thoughts.  When you are unable to discern the thoughts of others, you will need to create additional thoughts. Your thought will accomplish your tasks.  You will be able to call anyone through your thoughts.  You will be able to inspire someone to do something through your thoughts.  This is also a power, but you must develop it though experimentation.  This accomplishment is gained through srimat. (Following the supreme directions of God)  To attain this accomplishment, all other considerations must have been finished through the power of your intellect, and you limit yourself exclusively to the instructions of srimat.

When you souls are stable in your completely empowered stage, as soon as someone comes to you, you turn on the switch in a second, that is, you put forth a pure thought or a pure feeling with the intention of benefitting that soul.  It means you turned on the switch of thought.  As soon as you activate the switch, that soul’s desire is immediately fulfilled, and they will be overflowing with the attainment.

Obstacles and Tests

To pass with honour means you do not experience any suffering even within your mind.  The question of punishment from the Supreme Justice comes later on.  But now you have to be beyond confusion or punishment through your thoughts.

No matter how important a person may be, he may be making millions at each step, yet if he is playing with dolls, would you consider him sensible?  For you to allow the flow of waste thoughts within is like playing with dolls.

The speed of thought, or the mental state of the residents of Madhuban (Mount Abu)radiates in all directions.  Therefore you must be vigilant over each thought, you should not be careless.

Maya’s (the force of evil) special arrow takes the form of a vapour of waste thoughts arising in your thoughts and feelings. This weapon weakens your intellect and brings you under its influence like chemical warfare.

If weak thoughts continue to arise within your mind, you will develop the habit of mental weakness.

The Applications of Pure Thought

The people of the world can get whatever they need done with an order.  In the same way with the power of the soul’s thought you can get whatever is needed done.  On the basis of one thought, you can uplift any souls to the extent that you wish, because you have received the authority to do so from the Supreme Soul Himself.  Throughout history, if any authority is unable to exercise their power, the main reason is that the person in power had misused his power.  Each one of your thoughts is a switch.  When you turn it on, you can remove darkness in a second.  The thought of a Poonya Atma (a soul who has acquired special power because of performing a lot of charity) acts like a spiritual magnet.  (as in magnetic power in electricity generation).  This power attracts souls towards spirituality.  The thought of a Poonya Atma is a lighthouse or beacon, which shows the correct destination to wandering souls.

The thought of a Poonya Atma takes the form of extreme coolness, which cools and eases the internal state of souls who have been burning up in the fire of vices.  The thought of a Poonya Atma is such an elevated weapon that it liberates the many souls, who are bound by multiple bondages.  The thought of a Poonya Atma is such a special power that it acts like magic to make impossible things become possible.  Through the power of thought you can also transform the impossible into possible.  The mantra that brings all things under its influence can enable souls under the most powerful negative influence to fly freely like fire flies.

Do not consider even one thought to be an ordinary thing.  Have this much attention on your thought.  Now time has changed, and the speed required of your spiritual effort has also changed.  Now you require the ability to apply a full stop to thought. You have to pay attention to your mind.  This is the meaning of “the rising degree,” Now you must be consistently ascending, progressing and evolving.

In order to serve in your form of a bestower of blessings, first you need to have pure thoughts within yourself, this is a prerequisite.  Your thought must be pure.

Since the task is so important, you must put forth a thought that is generated on the basis of your karmateet stage, (the stage of being free from the effect of negative actions and experiences), then it reaches a place just like when you simply say you are going somewhere, and you reach there instantly.  Many will experience this, and it will come on the News that someone experienced this.  They will have visions of you, and your thought will become a manifest reality.

Clean Thought

The language of the eyes is the language of thought.  The power of thought will be faster than your spoken words, and will accomplish the tasks instantaneously. Therefore you must make the power of your elevated thought so clean, that is contains not the slightest trace of the uncleanliness of waste.  This is defined as having a clear line.

The special mechanism of the power of silence is pure thought.  Through the mechanism of this level of thought, you will see it act as a magical power that accomplishes whatever you want.  First you must experiment with this for your own self.  Experiment regarding the illnesses of your body and you will see that through the use of the power of silence, the form of your karmic bondage is transformed into a sweet relationship.

Atmosphere and Vibrations

A master creator can establish any atmosphere by issuing the order with their pure thought.  You can spread the vibration you want, you can invoke whatever power you want and it will cooperate with you.

Powerful thought is the indicator of your drishti (vision) or vritti (attitude).  Because of its power it can transform anything.  By the power of thought you create a pure world.  You transform the atmosphere (vayumandal – the circle of air, the wind) through your attitude.  Through your drishti, you cause others to experience the soul conscious stage of being bodiless.

The time for giving teachings through words is over.  Now transformation is to take place through pure thought.   The need is to serve by transforming through pure feelings.  Together with words, the subtle power of elevated thought can give greater accomplishments.  The more something is subtle, the more it is effective.  Thought is more subtle than words, and therefore now this is the need of the time.

Two types of creation through Brahma are remembered.  The first is the creation that emerged through the mouth of Brahma, and regarding the other creation – it is said that the world was created through the thought of Brahma.  For how much time did Brahma Baba create elevated and powerful thoughts.  Those who were created through thought are not less.  Because his power of thought was intense, he was able to bring many children into his family, even though they were far away, and hidden behind many veils.  His powerful and elevated thought inspired them and brought them close.  This is why those created though these powerful thoughts are also powerful themselves.

Bondage through Waste thought

Subtle ropes of bondage are formed by waste thought.  A soul who is karmateet (free from the bondage of action) will think: “Whatever is happening is good, I am good, Baba (The Supreme Father) is good, Drama is good.”   Such thoughts form the scissors that cut these bonds.

Pure feelings are defined as powerful thoughts.  Thought is the fastest power there is.

The reason for waste (meaningless, fruitless) thoughts is that you took sorrow from something waste.  You heard something and took sorrow from that.  Even if you don’t wish it, something you heard will run in your mind, with such thoughts as: “why did this one say that?  What they said was not right. They should not have said that.  This should not have taken place…”  Actions from a past life take the form of a burden, and prevent the soul from flying.  So also the weight of small mistakes forms a burden and prevents you from establishing yourself in the stage of consciousness that you wish.

Even in thought you need to be free from bondage.  This is described as being loving and detached.  Your bondages should not attract or pull you even at the level of thought.  If they do appear in your thoughts, then after arising as thought, they take the form of actions.  Therefore they should be destroyed at the level of thought.

The most elevated treasure is the treasure of thought, and your elevated thoughts are the foundation of your Brahman (purified) life.  The treasure of thought is very powerful.  Through thought, in less than a second, you can reach as far as Paramdham (nirvana, the world of light).  The power of thought is a faster rocket than an automatic or remote controlled rocket.  You can reach wherever you wish.  Whether you are sitting down, or engaged in some action, yet through the treasure of thought, you can experience yourself to be close to whichever soul you wish to reach.  If there is any waste going on, it means their intellect is weak and confused.  Their power of judgement is not functioning.  They are always undecided.  “Should I do this, shouldn’t I?”   They are unable to choose clearly.  Everyone must have experienced waste thinking.  Waste thought is occurring when you feel distressed, desperate, confined or at the end of your tether, or your happiness has disappeared, or your mind is sad all the time, your life has lost its joy, you have no taste for life.  These feelings are the signs of waste thought.  There are many who don’t know why they got into such a state of mind.  They attribute it to gross matters, and cannot discern that they performed any sinful action.  They believe they did not make any mistakes, and wonder why their happiness reduced, why they feel depressed, and why they are not enjoying their life today?  They don’t have a mind for life and are not motivated.  What is the reason?  When they examine themselves they look only for negative actions, and negative thoughts.   They check only the gross mistakes.  However the subtle mistake is that of wasting treasures.  Certainly the account of wasting and losing would have increased.

Weak Thought

The majority emerge their weak thoughts from the outset, in the form of doubting whether or not something will happen.  These weak thoughts do not allow you to experience a state of satisfaction and fulfilment, but keep you in a state of questioning.  “Will it happen, will it not happen?  What will happen?  I don’t know.”  These thoughts become a wall and the state of success hides inside that wall.

Bapdada saw that the majority of you spend most of the day engaged in waste thoughts from time to time.  What happens is that the weight of those waste thoughts becomes heavy and the weight of positive powerful thoughts becomes light.  The waste thoughts that arise during the day make your head feel heavy, and this makes your spiritual effort heavy also.

Do you know the depth of complete purity?   There should not be the slightest trace of impurity in your thoughts or dreams.  According to the closeness of time, these days, Bapdada is drawing your attention to this: according to the account of complete purity, your waste thought is detracting you from complete purity.  You must check whether any waste thoughts are still occurring.

To undertake a vow, means to put forth a firm determined thought.

Methods for Transforming Thought

Do not permit old sanskaras (patterns) to emerge from within.  You have to destroy them using thought.  If such a thought arises, then do not give it space to persist; do not allow it to be sustained.  Destroy that thought as it arises; then eventually its root will perish.

Your mind should not produce any thought that is not consistent with srimat (the directions of God).  This stage is defined as complete surrender.

If not that many thoughts are running in your mind, and your intellect remains stable in remembrance of the One, you remain occupied in the task of the One, and you maintain a stable state, then you will be able to discern others easily.  Any waste or negative thoughts that are flowing in your mind obstruct you from entering the avyakt (subtle angelic) stage of consciousness.  You are repeatedly attracted to the body.  The main cause of this is that your intellect is not clean. Cleanliness of the intellect means the intellect is able to remain lost or completely merged in the great mantra that it has received.  When the intellect departs from the exclusive remembrance of the One, and wanders towards many others, this indicates that the intellect (will power) is not powerful.  Usually when the intellect gets engrossed in many tasks, you must have experienced weakness in the intellect, and then you feel tired.  You are then not able to decide correctly.  The flow of waste and negative thoughts also tires your intellect.  Any tired soul is unable to discern or to judge accurately.

Waste thoughts will not flow within someone with a very simple, easy going, uncomplicated, gentle and calm nature, nor will they waste their time.  Because there are no waste thoughts, their intellect remains broad and far-sighted.  Due to this they will not be confronted by challenges.

Intense and fast effort makers are defined as those who cannot be defeated by Maya in their thoughts. They keep their minds occupied with pure thoughts In advance, and then no extraneous thoughts can enter.


Any flow of meaningless, waste or negative thoughts is preceded by one phrase:  “Why did this happen?”  The word “Why” begins a queue of waste or fruitless thoughts.   Completion will occur once this queue has ended.  Then that queue will begin.  When the word “Why?” has been removed then according to the will of drama, complete stability will prevail, so now you must destroy the queue of asking why.

In general, many of you create issues and thoughts, then you sustain them, then you find them troublesome once you have made them very strong and large.  Isn’t this called dolls play?  Even you are amazed at yourselves.  The Father does not create any waste creation.  Now you also should not create such a creation. You create fruitless, waste things, then you have to make a lot of effort to dismantle and remove them.  So don’t create such a creation.

If you are not idle you will not go into waste.  In addition you will always consider yourself to be simply a guest.  If you think of yourself as a guest and are not at rest (idle), you will not go into waste.  This is the easy way to keep your time and thought productive.

Come to the seed of waste or fruitless thought.  When waste or negative thoughts flow, then one phrase comes into your intellect?  “Why did this happen?”  A queue of waste thoughts arises from the word why.

Any thought that arises translates into an action.  There should be no difference between what you think and what you do.  Otherwise it is childishness.  Now the days are over when you can afford to produce a thought, prepare a plan, and then have to act on that.  How far has our study taken us?  Now we have reached the final stage.

You need to economise your thought as well as your time.  You also need to be economical with your treasure of knowledge.  What will happen once you have learnt all forms of economy?  Merge the word “I” then all differentiation will merge and amalgamate into the One.  You need to develop the power to merge all things into the One.

You have to be clear about one thing: wherever you have to destroy and kill, you do not create; and where you have to create, you do not destroy and kill.  Where you have to be a Master creator, do not become a Master destroyer.  You need to understand in your intellect when you have to be a Master Creator and when you have to be a Master destroyer.  If a creator destroys that would be wrong; and if instead of destroying, a destroyer starts to create that would also be wrong.  You must have heard the story that tells about when you start doing the wrong thing it engenders scorpions and lizards.  Here also if instead of destroying you create the wrong kind of creation then waste, troublesome thoughts like scorpions and lizards are engendered.  So do not create things that will sting you and sting others also.

Put a Stop to Waste Thoughts

If you cannot establish yourself in the form of a point quickly, do not waste time trying to set yourself in that.  You will be able to establish yourself in the form of a point when you are regular in the practice of creating pure thoughts.  Remove impure thought with pure thought.  When an road accident is about to happen, and you are not able to brake, then you have to turn the vehicle.  Becoming a point is like applying the brake, if that doesn’t work then turn your mind away from waste thoughts with your intellect, and steer it in the direction of pure thoughts instead.

What is the main method for putting the brake on thoughts?  Do you know?  Before engaging in any task, first think about it and then do it.  Ask yourself whether that task is the Father’s task. Consider yourself as the instrument for it.  When you complete that task, just like when they create a sacrificial fire, at the end, they sacrifice everything into the fire.  In the same way, whatever you did, and whatever result was attained, sacrifice and surrender that to the Father.  Once you have sacrificed that, you should have no further thoughts about it.  You became the instrument, you did the task, and when the work was over you sacrificed it.  Then what thoughts can arise?  During this confluence age, each thought and each action, is invested in the bank for 21 lives.  Be attentive to that extent, then produce a thought.  Whatever you do will be invested.  So how much have you invested?  Not even one thought should go to waste.

As the days pass by, service will increase, and challenges will also increase.  The speed of thoughts will also increase day by day.  Now you may be producing ten thoughts in one second, then this will increase to double or triple the speed.  Both the difference and the mantra will take practical form.  If you do not forget either, then neither any situation nor any evil spirit will be able to challenge you.  In one second you will incinerate the situation.  No evil spirit will be able to appear in front of you.  You must prepare for this.  Do you understand?

One moment you perform an action, the next moment you experience the reward or punishment.  Such a time is coming very soon.  Therefore The Father is giving you notice because after all He has so much love for you children.

Make Appointments with your Mind

At all times keep your mind busy with appointments.  Then in between there will not be time to indulge in waste thoughts.  When you are free from your appointments, then waste thoughts take up your time.  So learn the method of booking your time.  Make appointments with yourself regarding what you are going to do throughout the day.  Then your time will be used profitably.  What do you appoint your mind to do?  There are four things: 1. meeting, 2. expressing and describing, 3. getting lost and absorbed, and 4. getting merged in passionate love with the Supreme Being, burning in the fire of that love.

As soon as you open your eyes the very first transformation of consciousness of the day is: “I am not a body, I am a soul.”  This is the first moment’s first thought of transformation.  Together with that, this first thought is the foundation of your daily routine.  If there is not this transformation upon your first thought, it is not possible for there to be success in your self-sovereignty or in benefitting the world during the rest of the day.

In the world when too many children are produced, the parents are unable to raise them properly.  So also the thoughts you create are very large in number.  However the fewer thoughts you create the more powerful they are.  The more you create the weaker they are.  What effort is required for you to achieve success in your thoughts?  You have to stop the creation of waste thoughts.  Nowadays when you create a waste creation, you have to waste a lot of time sustaining it.  Then your thoughts lack power and your karma lacks success.  The technique for attaining success in your karma is to become a master seer of the three aspects of time, (the past, present and future).  Before embarking upon an action you must ascertain the beginning, middle and last stage and then initiate the action.  You should not think about it after you have performed the action and seen the result.  Therefore in order to become complete you have to pay attention to these two things.

Connection with the Source

If someone is a yogi, there will be no need to make the effort to connect with each one individually.  There will not be a desire that each one should be cooperative individually.  Rather there will be yoga, that is, connection with the one seed.  A yogi will be connected with all souls, that is, with the entire tree of humanity. So be attentive to the connection.  In order to be cooperative, first ask yourself to what extent and in what way have you become a yogi.  If you have not become a complete yogi, then you cannot become a completely cooperative soul, neither can you receive cooperation from others.

No matter how much someone may try, but unless you are established in yoga with the seed, no leaf, that is, no soul can possibly receive any cooperation.  Therefore if you want to be cooperative with all, or if you wish to receive cooperation from all souls, what is the easy effort required?  You have to have connection, that is, yoga, with the seed form.  Then your desire to gain an achievement through making hard effort on each individual personally will be finished.  You will be free from having to labour.  This is the short cut.  If you are always cooperative with everyone and remain always stable in yoga then you will also certainly be free from bondages.  Since you have the cooperation of all the powers, and you experience cooperation from all souls, would it be difficult for such a soul who is the embodiment of power, to cut any bondages?  To be free from bondages, you have to be stable in yoga.  Because you are stable in yoga you become stable in love and cooperative.  Become free from bondages to this extent.  When this occurs easily how much time does it take?

The Witness and the Companion

There are two words: One is Sakshi, the witness, the other is Sathi, the companion.  Keep your companion always with you.  Secondly remain a detached witness and perform each action.  You must practice these two: the companion and the witness, then you will rapidly acquire the stage of being free from bondage.  Because you are with the Omnipotent One, you enjoy the attainment of having all the powers.  Together with that, being the detached witness, no bondage will capture you as you move along your way.  So then you are free from all bondages.

Do you know the definition of honesty?  If anything comes into your thought, you do not seek to hide that thought, this is known as honesty.

As each action and thought arise, do you become a seer of the three aspects of time before allowing that thought to come into action.  At all times all three must be activated, because if an old sanskara, old nature or waste thought is not destroyed, how will you be able to engender a new creation.  And if you do engender a new creation, but you don’t sustain it, then how will you demonstrate it practically.  So, are the trinity children of the trinity father, performing all three actions simultaneously.

You must check yourselves as to whether you accept the food of any impure thought through your intellect.  The quality of intake of food or any other substance of great souls is always verified.

If any one gets this thought: “I did so much, I should get due recognition and appreciation.”  This is also to take; you had the feeling to take in return.  If the children of the bestower have the thought of taking in return, then they are not bestowers.  This is also taking and is not suitable for a giver.  This is only then defined as unlimited disinterest.

The power of churning is necessary for the mind, and for words and actions you need the power of tolerance.  The intellect either goes towards old sanskaras, or is drawn to the settlement of karmic accounts of your body, or is pulled to the waste thoughts of the mind.

What is the dual task?  Nowadays things are counted in twos.  So what are your two tasks.  Is your double task getting accomplished throughout the day?  The main actions are destruction and construction.  You have to destroy something and you have to create something.  You make all sorts of creations.  One thing is that through service you are creating your kingdom.  Secondly though your intellect you have understood the method for creating pure thoughts and destroying negative or waste thoughts.  You create through thoughts as well as through words.  You create both kinds of creation, in this way you are accomplishing a double task.

Always maintain the intoxication that all powers are my Godly birthright.  Move forward in the consciousness of your rights.  You ought to keep such elevated thoughts in your intellect at all times.  Unless your thoughts are elevated you should not come into words or actions.   So keep your thoughts elevated, and in your intellect keep company with the almighty Father.  The world is created according to your thought, isn’t it?  If your thought is not elevated then you would only get an ordinary status within the new world that is getting created.  So always check whether the thoughts arising within you are elevated or ordinary.  All souls are already creating ordinary thoughts and actions.  As a child of the Almighty Authority, if you are still having ordinary thoughts and doing ordinary actions, then what was the point of becoming elevated or special?

Sometimes, when you see that you are not cheerful, certainly you must have gone against a maryada (code of conduct).  There are also codes that apply to thought.  You should not put forth waste thoughts.  If you move outside this line and put forth waste or negative thoughts, which are against the codes of conduct then you would not be able to experience being cheerful.

Sacrificial Thought

Check that just as the Father is the highest of all, so also your thought is so elevated that it can be offered up to him.  If thought is waste or negative, then it cannot become a sacrificial offering to the Father.  At this time, when any waste or negative thought flows, you do not experience any punishment for that.  However, if you move ahead just a little, let alone for karma (physical action), if you so much as allow any impure or waste thought to arise, you will experience practical punishment.  This is because, when you allow waste thoughts to arise you must realise that thought itself is a treasure.  What would be the condition of someone who allows a treasure go to waste?

Your task is to prevent any sin from occurring though thought, attitude, or awareness.  This signifies a Brahman or purity.  If any form of impurity arises in your attitude, awareness or thought, you will not be able to stabilise yourself in the stage of being a Brahmin, but you will be that only in name.  Therefore you must be careful at every step.


Knowing the deep consequences of karma, perform each action, as a seer of the three aspects of time, (Trikaldarshi).  Then you will be able to be karmateet (free from the consequences of negative action).  When small mistakes in the form of thoughts occur, they are counted, and the consequences are extreme and ineluctable.  You should therefore consider small mistakes to be large.  Just as if a completely clean object is tainted by a small mark, that mark stands out very obviously.   At the present time the extreme clean and perfect stage is coming close.  Therefore even the smallest mistake will now be calculated as a large fault.

You are the images of the support for the world, and the images to uplift the world, that is, you are the world benefactors.  By inculcating this thought you remain constantly engaged in the task of world transformation.  So by applying one sustained thought you are transforming yourself as well as the world.  May you be such spiritual magicians.

What is the effort for remembrance to persist easily and continuously, and for you also to remain healthy, wealthy, happy and holy?  You must perform each action in the consciousness of the relationship of both the incorporeal soul and the corporeal body.  If both are not in relationship, then you cannot perform any actions.  In the same way if you keep both the incorporeal and the corporeal Fathers with you or in front of you, and then perform each karma or produce each thought then these four things (health, wealth, happiness and purity) would arise automatically.  Simply by remembering either the incorporeal or the corporeal is insufficient to cause all four to occur.  However, if you keep both the incorporeal and the corporeal always with you, then because of being with you, whatever thoughts you produce would be verified with them beforehand.  After having verified them you can perform any karma with that faith in the intellect.

The Power of Discernment

Why you are not able to discern, is because you are not free from negative thoughts.  The presence of waste or negative thoughts muddies the intellect, therefore it is unable to judge.  Due to being unable to decide, it is unable to arrive at a solution or make a decision.  In order to intensify your power of discrimination, what template is in front of you?  You have each action and each characteristic of sakar Baba (Brahma Baba); this is your template.  Whatever action you have to perform or thought you have to generate, you can check it against this template, to see whether it is correct or incorrect, waste or powerful.  After having checked against the template any karma you perform will be easy and elevated.

Always maintain this awareness that behind each thought of yours there is a connection with world benefit.  If the thoughts of an image of support are not powerful, there will be weakness and deficiency in transforming time.  The process or catalyst for transforming time will be inadequate.  Due to this, as much as you make time powerful, to that extent you will be able to bring the time for world transformation closer.  According to Drama you may well be free from concern, yet on what basis is the drama created.  There has to be a foundation or driving force, doesn’t there?  You are the driving forces.

You easy yogis, automatic yogis, constant yogis, elevated yogis.  Your thoughts and your breath arise on the basis of the Father’s knowledge.  Are you able to hold yourself steady for as long as you intended in whatever thought you produce, of whatever quality you wish, and for however much time you decide to sustain that thought?  At one moment to be constant in the contemplation of pure thought, the next moment to hold yourself steady in one thought; are you able to practice this easily?  You have already overcome the opinions of the scriptural scholars, the ideologies of the gurus, the ideas of your worldly relatives.  But do thoughts arise according to your manmat, your self-will, that is, according to incomplete knowledge; do you also allow thoughts arising from the sanskaras of ignorance of your soul, to emerge as words or actions?  If so what would you call that?   Would you call it srimat?  Could you call the emergence of waste thoughts srimat?  Those who follow srimat, cannot produce even one thought according to their manmat or to the ideas of other souls, that is, parmat.    Because the speed of adopting your stage is not fast, some mixture of manmat or parmat is able to pollute srimat.

Not even one second or one thought should be used for yourself, but for the benefit of the world.  When you reach this stage you will be said to be complete, that is perfect.

Can a single waste thought perturb a master almighty authority?  Can a single 84 births old putrid sansakra, distress a master almighty authority, a brave warrior, a destroyer of obstacles, a seer of the three aspects of time, a possessor of the cycle of self-realization?  Can it weaken your resolve to make effort?  If so, what would you call such a master almighty authority?


In order to finish off the meaningless and waste, you must keep a daily diary.  In this way you will fix your time, and decide: “today, which special thoughts will I generate in my intellect,” or “what task will I accomplish today through my speech?”  Because of fixing it in advance, the ordinary or waste words that drain your energy will all be saved.

The saying: “Spend less, and attain greater glory,” means that only those thoughts will arise which generate attainments that give proof of your potency.  Time will also be such that you will have no concern, but the certainty of success.  This is defined as siddhi swaroop. (Being the embodiment of success).

He who is like the Father and has claimed all rights, who is always beneficial, merciful, greatly wise and knowledgeable, who distributes virtues, who displays a vision of the Father through each thought, each word, and each action, will himself be as a vision (sakshat) like the Father.

As much as you develop the stage of the true self, the elevated stage of being the embodiment of knowledge; as much as you attain the stage of the soul who is complete with all virtues, unmoved, unwavering, constant and stable; to that extent you will calm any upheaval that arises in your thoughts.  You saw in the sakar mother and father (Brahma Baba and Mama Saraswati).  They remained in their intoxication, and there was no turbulence in their thoughts.  Regardless of the attacks that were going on, they were unconcerned about possible defeat.  They were free of weak thought such as: “we don’t know whether or not we will be defeated by Maya,” or “whether or not we will be victorious,” because they saw their victory clearly in front of them.  Do you have this experience?  I hope you don’t come into the concern and weak thought that you don’t want Maya (the force of negativity) to come, or that you are afraid lest you are weak, or you are anxious about whether or not you will be successful.  What! Do you waste your time and power in being this meaningless, because of coming under the influence of this evil spirit of fear within you?  To engender such weak thoughts means that you indulge in allowing the weak thought of self-doubt, and thus ensure that you will never become complete and perfect.  What! Is your awareness so unclear, that “I, the pure elevated soul have performed the role of being victorious innumerable times.”  If your awareness about this is not clear, then this proves that you did not represent yourselves honestly in front of the Father.  If for any reason you hid something from the Father, then this is the reason why this evil spirit of fear lies hidden within you.  “What I am and how I am, whatever I am, I belong to the Father.”  Because you have insufficient faith in this you also have inadequate faith that: “I become this innumerable times.”  The treasure of thought, words, time and powers being wasted, and rendered meaningless in this way, has become a burden of waste upon you.

If you would keep your intellect busy all the time in playing with the jewels of knowledge, or looking at the treasures of knowledge, and in contemplating upon those, is it possible for meaningless, waste thoughts to arise.  Three things were told to you: One is the occupation of contemplating the treasure of knowledge, second is the occupation of destroying negative karma by burning it, and third is the occupation of bringing about world benefit.  These three are special and unlimited tasks.  Even though you have this much work to accomplish with your intellects, how is it possible that your intellects remain unoccupied?  How is it possible that you people have spare time?  What! Have you already completed the work of world benefit?  Have you already burned up your negative karma?  How is it that you, who have to manage such a vast project, you souls who have been made instruments for accomplishing such a huge task, how is it that you find yourselves free?  What would you call that?  Is it that you have no knowledge of your task, or is it that you have no knowledge of how to manage yourselves, or is it that you have no knowledge of how to set your daily schedule?  Today even the minor clerks of the Kaurav government are able to set their timetables. So what is this? Are you, master knowledgeful, master all-powerful ones, unable to set your daily schedules?  This is occurring because you are not setting yourselves upon your seat.  This is why you become upset.

The Master Creator

At this time yours is the stage of being world mothers and world fathers.  That means yours is the stage of being master creators.  As a creator, the vibration of each of your thoughts, as well as your attitude immediately impacts the creation.  Consequently, at this time, all will observe whatever act you perform, and do likewise.  Do not merely pay attention to this at the physical level, but also be aware that: “whatever thought I think, whatever is my attitude, it would spread throughout the atmosphere, and its vibrations would be felt by other souls.”  It is necessary to remain aware of this slogan otherwise the creation of you creators will be weak and therefore cause you to claim a lesser status.

Why does body consciousness and careless recur?  What is the reason?  The reason is that though you produce a thought to offer up, yet together with engendering that thought, you do not provide the care that is required.  Just as when you plant a seed, you must subsequently care for it.  According to time you must provide the necessary care.  You plant a seed, but then become careless.  You believe that you gave that to Baba, Baba knows about it, so now it is Baba’s responsibility.  You do not sustain your seed.  This means you need to pay attention to your words and your mind.  When they plant a seed, they give water to it, so that the seed grows firm.  The seed must be watered daily, in the same way, the seed in the form of your thought, must be repeatedly reviewed.  You fail to do this and become unconcerned, you prefer to relax.  Instead of succumbing to the sanskar of relaxing, you should continuously sustain that thought by ruminating upon it.

The cost of the persistence of past old accounts takes the form of persistent waste or negative thoughts, or it may take the form of a sanskar or a nature (your conditioning).  In this regard you must check whether your thought is focussed on the One.  You remember the One, that is, you intend to remember the One, but does something else happen?  What draws you to itself?  There must be some burden, which draws your attention towards itself.

You should never have the thought that: “nothing is visible at the present time,” or that “there is no experience,” or “there is no attainment,” because this study is in fact for the future.  It is a Godly law that if anyone attempts to show themselves off, they can never become recognized.  Therefore when you think: “I myself know that I am alright, that others do not know me, or that others do not recognise me, that ultimately they will know me, or in future you will see what happens.”  This is the sweet sleep of carelessness in a soul who claims to be the embodiment of knowledge, the embodiment of remembrance.

You have to merge (pack up) all thoughts about your body and all the items related to your bodily connections, as well as your necessary facilities.  Other than thoughts about returning to the home, you should not go into the details of any other thoughts.  Simply there should only be this thought, that: “now I have almost departed for the home.”  No bodily relationship or connection should be able to bring you down.

Regardless of the circumstances, whether mental, physical or regarding someone in your connection, do not allow any thoughts about that soul to persist.  If the thought of any soul emerges in your awareness then at that very second, it becomes an account.  This is why only eight pass the test.  There is special praise only of those eight.  Certainly the destination must be that deep and subtle.

Think before you think

In the time before having this knowledge it was said that you should perform actions only after having first thought about and considered them.  First think about it, then perform the act, or speak the words.  If you perform actions having first thought about them and understood their consequences, then instead of performing waste or fruitless acts, each karma would be powerful.  When you consider the consequences of an action before performing it, it means that you are deliberately engendering a thought.   This thought is the seed.  When the thought, the seed, is powerful, then the ensuing words or acts are automatically powerful.

You want to attain the tangible fruit at each second, but you do not maintain the tangible swaroop (self form, embodiment) of your complete, fully empowered and perfect self in your awareness, as a definite thought.  You think: “I am an effort maker, I will ultimately become complete, it should happen sooner or later, anyway, all have to be numberwise.”  “Our task is to make the effort, so I am doing that according to my strength.”  While you are planting these kinds of seeds of thought second by second, they are not indicative of being complete with all powers.  The thoughts of that time in which you think: “it will ultimately happen,” indicate that the thoughts of the future are also filled with that idea.  Because the firm faith or the power of the essence of the evident fruit is not there, the siddhi (success) will also not be tangible.  However, two minutes later, some hours later or some days later you experience the consequent result.  Now, did you understand the reason why?  Because of the nature of the seed of your thought you do not attain the tangible success.  Many varieties of ordinary thoughts occur, but if they are occurring according to the time, then what happened to all your preparations?


The slogan for fast effort is: “Whatever thoughts I produce, the atmosphere will be created according to those thoughts.”  Thoughts are also based on atmosphere and atmosphere is based on your efforts.  Whatever thoughts you produce, will be followed by all others.  Karma is the gross form of this, but you must pay attention to the thoughts; do not consider thoughts to be insignificant, because thought is the seed.  If the seed of thought is weak then you can never experience a powerful fruit emerging from it.  To allow even one thought to be waste or fruitless is also a mistake.  Just as you feel it when you speak a wrong word, you should also feel it when you think a wrong thought.  When you perform your checking at this level, you will be able to progress and move forward.  Otherwise you are not able to take profit from the opportunity you had to be an instrument.  Now your efforts must be on a deep and subtle level.  Now the time for performing gross efforts is over.  If you make mistakes in words and actions that is just childishness.  Now you must make the efforts of the very senior people.  If even now you indulge in childish efforts, your luck that is the line of your fortune, will go to waste.  If you are sometimes happy, sometimes depressed, sometimes you make intense effort and sometimes your effort is at medium speed, this is not the sign of a special soul.  Such a one would be called an ordinary soul.  Now all of you need to develop a special type of nyarapan (being unique and different from the rest, a form of detachment).  It should be such that from your powerful awareness you are able to transform the state of weak souls into a powerful state.

Whenever any powerful machinery is created for a particular purpose, the work gets accomplished speedily, here also in order to transform waste or meaningless thoughts into powerful ones, the machinery of your intellect has to be powerful.  The intellect will become powerful when it is connected to the powerhouse.  Here the connection does not get broken, however it definitely gets loose.  That means that you also should not be loose, then you will be able to transform the waste into powerful.

Now checking is required for the food provided to the intellect in the form of the thoughts of you special souls.  When you accept a thought without first checking it, you get deceived.  Therefore first check each thought before accepting it.  Just as you check the quality of gold though a specific instrument, as to whether it is pure gold or any alloy is mixed into it, whether it is real or rolled gold.  In the same way check whether or not the thought that is arising in your mind is like that of Bapdada.  On this basis, you must check and then only allow it to pass into the form of words or actions. You forget the foundation, thus characteristics of the shudra stage, and poisonous sankaras get mixed in to your karma.

Bapdada’s thoughts and words automatically take the form of blessings.  So also any thought of yours directed toward any soul, or any word spoken to any soul, become blessings for that soul.

Fulfilling the Farmaan

If you receive the order that for five minutes there should be absolutely no waste thoughts; and that you must hold your mind steady and powerfully in the seed stage, and remain concentrated in that.  Are you practiced in this?  This means that you cannot allow yourself to be in a stage of cogitation, or any stage of spiritual conversation, or even the avyakt (angelic) stage.  The order is to adopt the seed form, but if instead you begin a spiritual conversation, it means that you did not follow the order.  You will be able to develop this practice when first you have eliminated all forms of waste thought.  Waste thoughts should not be running in your mind even beforehand.  Just as when someone feels that they made a mistake; they would never spread it around, but would merge it completely.  If it were spread around, that would be considered bad form.  In the same way you should consider the mistakes of others to be your own, and not spread them around.  You should never bring old past sanskars into the present time, that means, never mix the past into the present, through which the queue of thoughts becomes long.  As long as that queue of waste thoughts persists, you will not be able to hold all your minds steady in one thought as a focussed gathering.  To consider the mistake of another to be your own is the key to making the gathering strong.  This will only happen when you have achieved faith in each other.  The faith to transform is also defined as the faith to benefit another.  The indicator of this is that one person makes a proposal, and the other one accepts it.  You should not use the power to confront against a member of the Brahman family.  Rather, the power to face should be used to confront and oppose Maya.  When you use your power to oppose or confront the Brahmin family, it prevents the gathering from becoming strong.  (Omerta)  Even if you disagree with anything, you should nevertheless respect each other’s honour.  At that time, you should not cut anyone’s thought or proposal.   This means you must inculcate the power to accommodate.

It is also a form of violence to give sorrow to any soul through thought, likewise for taking sorrow from any soul.  You are the completely non-violent ones, who never give nor take sorrow, even through your thoughts.  Purushottam (The most superior or elevated person) implies that with each thought and at each step you are elevated, that is, most pure, you are neither ordinary nor worldly, and there is no waste.

The essence of all the points is to take the form of a point, that is, to become the point.  The form of the point is the powerful stage, through which waste thoughts cannot arise, and the point (the full stop) also indicates, past is past.  Through this your karma becomes elevated, also, because waste thoughts are not arising, the speed of your effort becomes fast.  Therefore consider and understand the past to be past, and let it be, put an end to it.  To look at what is waste, to listen to it or talk about it, should all be finished.  To be powerful, with open eyes, implies to adopt the stage of the detached observer.

Ultimate Honesty

The Swadharma (religion of the self) of Brahmin life is purity.  Pure thought is the aim and qualification of Brahmin life.  Someone whose original indicator is purity, has no connection with the date of destruction.  Such a concern would be considered an excuse for hiding your own weakness.

Through your intellect, repeatedly perform the exercise of becoming bodiless, and maintain restrictions on the intake of the food of thoughts fed to the intellect.  Whenever you have to ingest any food of thought, accept only that restricted food.  Self-control means that you apply your intellect only to whatever you want, whenever you wish, then you will develop a refined and subtle intellect.

The easy method to distance weaknesses is to first offer to Baba whatever thought arises.

The reason for the absence of the power of discrimination is lack of the power of concentration in the intellect.  Waste or unclean thoughts create turbulence.  The concentrated stage though which you absorb all tastes only from the one essence is missing.  The intellect is pulled and destabilized by the attraction to many tastes.


When you hear the deep aspects of knowledge, that is, at the time when you engage in regular study, while you are hearing each point that emerges, you do not listen in the stage of being the embodiment of the experience of each point.  A knowledgeable soul experiences that they are becoming the form of each point.  To hear means that as you listen you become experienced in that swaroop (self form or embodiment).  However you have very little ability to become such embodiments of experience.  You enjoy listening, it seems very deep to you, you become happy, you receive very good treasure, but you need greater practice in absorbing it, that is in becoming the embodiment of it.  “I the soul am incorporeal” – this is something you repeatedly hear, but you must listen to this point while adopting the stage of being incorporeal.  As is the point, such should be the experience.  When you hear about paramdham (the supreme abode), then become a dweller of paramdham as you hear about paramdham.  Become experienced in being the deity who dwells in heaven, as you listen to points about heaven.  This is the definition of “to listen is to absorb.”  To absorb means to become the swaroop, the embodiment.  If you would listen to the murli in this way you would accumulate a stock of pure thoughts.  The experience of this treasure can be contemplated repeatedly, and your intellect can remain continuously busy in this.  In this way waste thoughts are easily distanced.  If you do not experience the points as you hear them, then the treasure of the father will not become your treasure.  Thus you remain empty.  That is to say you yourself give space for waste and fruitless thoughts to arise and occupy your consciousness.

The basis for waste thoughts arising is insufficiency of pure thoughts, pure ideas, and lack in your treasure of knowledge.  This is because you do not become the embodiment of awareness, or it is due to allowing waste and meaningless thoughts to arise, due to becoming depressed or servile, or due to not becoming detached from the attitude of possessiveness and ownership.  The attitude of being possessive, the concept of ownership, is very broad and detailed.  The foundation for erasing waste and meaningless thought is to renounce the attitude of being a householder.  Whether you are a virgin girl or a virgin boy, nevertheless if you claim ownership of your own swabhav (nature) or your own sanskars, your own intellect, and you go into this vistar (expansion) this is to adopt the attitude of a householder.  For one who has become complete, the Father’s swabhav, is your swabhav, the Father’s sanskars are your sanskars, and as is the divine intellect of the Father, so also is yours.  Within a divine intellect it is impossible that you would not have this awareness.  Check also your stage, whether or not, during the course on one hour, the continuous flow of thoughts is based upon any form of the attitude of ownership.  The sign of the attitude of ownership is lagav (attachment and dependency.)  Without dependency and attachment, the intellect would not be attracted to that thing, nor could the intellect jukauv (bow down, come under the influence, get blackmailed by, or bend to it.)  So you can check for attachment and dependence if bending to it is present.  Whether that occurs in thought, in words, in action, in relationships, or in connections.


Even though you may not wish it, you will definitely assign time to that.  In view of this, we can see that the essential cause or waste thought is attachment.   You must check for this.  For example if you say: “my creation” that sense of ownership will exert a pull on the creator.  In the same way if you say: “my creation” in the sense of my swabhav, or my sanskars, that will also exert a pull on the soul who is their creator.  It is not mine, that attitude is the sanskar of being a shudra; to say it is mine is a great sin.  It is a form of theft and of cheating.

The second cause of waste thoughts is, throughout the day’s schedule, in some way or another, you act against (uljan) the maryadas (disciplines) received from the Father through srimat. Instead of being obedient to a complete extent, in terms of thoughts, words and actions, you become disobedient.  If even at the level of thought, if you step outside the lines of the maryadas, then Ravan in the form of waste thoughts can attack you.  So you must also check this, whether you have gone against the Brahmin neeti and reeti (traditions and customs) through your thoughts, words, action, relations and connections.  You must certainly have missed one or another custom or tradition, which would cause waste thoughts to be mixed into your intellect.   Did you understand the second reason?  Therefore your checking should be very thorough.  Only then would you be unassailed by waste thought.

Exams are instruments for making you move forward, not for the purpose of making you fall.  However, instead of finding solutions to excuses, you waste a lot of time thinking about the reasons why.  You also waste your energy in this.  Instead of thinking about the reasons why, think about the solutions, and become free from those obstructive thoughts like: “Why did it come?”  No, It had to come.  By remaining in this awareness, you will adopt a powerful swaroop (self form).  Another thing, when you encounter any small obstacles, by raising the question: “Why?” you set up a queue of waste thoughts.  And it takes you quite a long time to finish off that queue.   So the main weakness is: in spite of being established in the stage of gyan swaroop (the form of knowledge), or knowledgefull, yet you are unable to traverse the obstacles.  It means you are knowledgeable but not the embodiment of knowledge.

Subtle Sin in Thought

Sin in thought also causes you to experience tangible punishment.  When your own weakness, through the form of any vice manifests in thoughts, it is definitely accumulated in the account of sin.  Also in your attitude toward any other souls, if you are under the influence of any vice, this is also a cardinal sin, because you consequently speak your waste words or make comments.  This is also accumulated in the account of sin.  Instead of having pure feelings and intentions toward any soul, through your karma including your relationships and connections, if any other sort of feeling arises, this is also accumulated in the account of sin, because this also is to give sorrow.

You create storms of waste thoughts for yourself, and you yourself shake and tremble in those storms.  You cause yourself to get shaken at the foundation of your faith and at the foundation of your many forms of attainments.  The storms of waste thoughts steer you away from being a high-speed effort maker towards being just an effort maker.   Cease to come into such storms.

Bapdada asks such children.  What! Even now are you a trustee or a householder?  If you are a trustee, then who is responsible?  You or the Father?  Since the Father is responsible, then the question: “will it happen or not happen, what will happen?”  Is this the Father’s responsibility or yours?  “Will the destruction happen or not, when will it happen,” don’t you like the life of celebrating a meeting with the Father, the life of being in the rising degree, the life of becoming complete with all attainments, the life of being complete with all experiences?  Do you want this to be over quickly?  Are you having any problems or difficulties?  In the path of Bhakti they call out for the days of the life of supersensuous joy to be quadrupled, and yet you are getting tired of them.  Bapdada considers souls who create such thoughts laughable.

What is lacking such that you are creating these thoughts?  Since you say I am the beneficial Father, and you call this a beneficial life, then whatever are the great words of God, they must be filled with many varieties of benefit.  By engaging in such thoughts as “why” and “how”, why are you shaking the foundation of the faith in your intellect?  You must finish off the storms of waste thoughts, become wealthy and powerful.  Maintain steady faith in the intellect.  At every second, take profit from the beneficial Father and the beneficial time.  In the entire kalpa such rich, fortunate days, days spent in the company of the bestower of fortune, these days will not come back again.  Even at the time of destruction, you will remember this time of attainment.

There is so much power in thought that through powerful thoughts you are able to serve the souls of the world.  According to the purity of your attitude you are able to purify the atmosphere.  Attitude has power.  Shuddh means purity.  The foundation of purity is the attitude of fraternal awareness.

Silence of the mind is defined by waste thoughts not arising in the mind.  This is indeed the silence of the mind, isn’t it?

Every day at amrit vela, with your eyes, through thought, scan the souls who come in your connection.  As much as you remember them with those thoughts to that extent those thoughts will reach them, and they will say that they remembered you many times.  Bringing about new forms of service in this way, you will move forward.

Instant Accomplishment

In the form of the aeroplane of the Brahmin soul, you have arrived at your place.  The direction you received was to fly in one second, however there was something missing in your checking.  “I am a soul, I am not this body,” your checking remains at this level.  Through cogitating on some aspect of the knowledge, you still remain only at this level in making yourself complete with all the powers.  “I am a master embodiment of knowledge, I am a master almighty authority, master of all powers,” – you only got as far as this pure thought.  However you did not become the embodiment of that.  So you were not able to succeed in reaching this second stage.  Because you were busy trying to accomplish other things, you remained unable to fly.  This is because, although you were ruminating on pure thoughts, yet you were not able to lift off from the ground or earth of this body.  You were not able to hold yourselves steady in the bodiless stage.

A very few selected ones were able to fly in a second according to the Father’s direction, and reach the subtle regions or the soul world.  Just as the Father incarnates (enters this body), and then he leaves, so just as the Supreme Soul has the capacity to incarnate, in the same way those murjeeva janamdhari Brahmin souls (who live as dead whilst alive), that is, who are great souls, are also capable of incarnating in this way.

You should have a stock of pure thoughts, then the waste will be finished off.  Out of all the knowledge that you hear each day, you must keep selecting some aspect to ruminate upon.  If waste thoughts are flowing, it indicates that you lack the power to cogitate.  You must learn to cogitate.  You should take up a particular word, and go into the depths of it.  Each day you must give yourself a topic to ruminate about, then the waste thinking will stop.  Whenever any waste or meaningless thoughts arise you must go to Madhuban in your intellect.  You will remember the atmosphere here, and the elevated company and this will finish off the waste.  The line of your thinking will change.

Now you need very refined attention.  Service needs to be accomplished through thought.  If you kept yourself busy serving though the power of thought, then waste would automatically be destroyed.


The thoughts of all of you are flowing on the basis of srimat.  It implies that at this time the Father is moving all of you leaves at all times on the basis of srimat.  He is fluttering each leaf; that is, He is moving each one.

If any rain falls in the form of waste, stop that waste and transform it into something productive.  If you would use this power of thought in service, which otherwise goes into waste, then, instead of waste it is turned into powerful thought.  Thought, words, karma or the power of knowledge should not go at all into any waste.

Dreams occur on the basis of what takes place during the day.

The reason you do not get success in your thoughts is lack of concentration.  Because there is lack of concentration you waver.  Concentration means to remain continuously steady in one elevated thought.  This one seed in the form of thought contains the entire tree of its expansion merged within it.  Intensify your concentration then all forms of instability and fluctuation will be finished off.  On the basis of concentration, whatever a thing is, and how it is, it will be clearly visible as such.  Anyone who holds themselves steady in such a concentrated stage will always be experienced clearly as to what they are and how they are.  Through this the upheaval of doubt as to who you are, and what you are, will be finished.  Just as when some object is clearly visible then no question ever arises as to what this is.  Questions are finished with the clear experience that this is what this is.

Before engendering any thought or idea, check whether this thought or idea is liked by the Father, liked by God.

The Burdened Mind

There is the weight of waste pressing on the soul.  Waste thoughts, waste words, waste karma, through which the soul becomes heavy.  Now finish off this weight.  In order to finish off this weight, always keep busy in service.  Intensify your power to cogitate.  Through the power to cogitate, the soul becomes powerful.  Just as when you digest your food, it becomes blood, then this provides you with energy, in the same way, through cogitating the soul develops power.

Sometimes this thought also arises: “I wish to become this, but will I be able to?”  You create a slight qualm in the form of waste thoughts and misgivings about your self, which is called the royal form of doubt.

You gave attention to amrit vela and to the night, but in the middle of the day you were careless, so what was the result?  The account of waste will not get finished off.  Something or other of the old account remains.  Therefore again and again pay attention to sustain the thought: “I am a master of all powers.” You need to check this very thoroughly.

If the speed of thoughts is running very fast, then from one, another arises.  When one thought arises from another and they keep arising, then it indicates that the speed of thoughts is very fast, which implies that you are wasting the fortune of your energy.  When waste thoughts are flowing, what is the speed of those thoughts?  And when you are ruminating upon knowledge what is the speed of your thoughts?  The one wastes your energy and the other creates energy.  Just as in a bamboo jungle, one bamboo propagates many others automatically, and they rub and clash against each other and ultimately the rubbing together causes a fire, and they are destroyed in their own created fire.  In the same way waste thoughts clash against each other, which engenders one or another vice, and you put yourself into trouble.  Therefore slow down the speed of thoughts.  Consider thought.  Pure thought is the foundation of becoming one who lives as dead while alive.  “I am not this body, I am a soul”, this thought transformed you from being worth only a shell to being as valuable as a diamond.  “I am the same child of Baba as in the previous kalpa, I am the heir, I am the one with rights.” This thought made you a master almighty authority.  So this is also a treasure, it is also energy, and it is also thought.  How is special treasure used?  You should recognise the value of your treasure, and the energy of your thought, and apply it to the task.  Then all your powers will be proved, and you will become the embodiment of spiritual power.


Did you understand today which lines were being seen?  Think less, means create thoughts that are siddhi swaroop, the forms of success.  Those who have such lines of fortune will always be begumpur ki batshah (the emperors of the town without sorrow.)  Through your mouth, always speak great words; great words are counted.  Just as great souls are counted, there are many souls, and only one supreme soul.  So both energies, the energy of thought and of words should not be expended wastefully.  Mahavirs and maharathis are those who utter great words through their mouths, and through their intellects they produce thoughts that are siddhi swaroop, the forms of success.  These are the signs of a mahavir and a maharathi.

Physical action is the grossest thing.  Thought is a subtle power.  Service through the mind is more elevated than physical service.  Through your attitude, you can transform the prevailing attitudes and atmosphere; this service is extremely elevated.  However physical action is easier.  It has already been defined for you.  However today this matter is being clarified: through karma you can give a vision of the shakti swaroop (the form of power).  If you want to deliver a vision of shakti swaroop, it would become easy to reach up to the power of thought through pure karma.  Otherwise weak action brings down the subtle power of the intellect and the quality of thought.

If there is purity in the thought of the mind, the sign of it is that in the mind there will always be the experience of being the embodiment of happiness and peace.  If at any time waste thoughts enter the mind, then there is upheaval instead of peace.


In opposition to each type of waste thought there is a corresponding powerful thought.  Suppose that there is a flow of waste thoughts that opposes your stage or your yoga, such as: “my part does not seem to be that visible”, “I am not able to get connected in yoga; I am not able to become bodiless.”  These are waste thoughts, and you must produce powerful thoughts to oppose them, such as: “Remembrance is my swadharma (religion of the self). The dharma of the children is to remember the Father.”  Why wouldn’t you set yourself in such remembrance?  It would definitely occur.  “If I were not a yogi, then who else would be one!  I am indeed the easy Raja Yogi of every kalpa.”  Thus instead of waste, you must cause a flow of these kinds of thoughts.  “My body cannot manage this,” Do not allow this waste thought to flow.  Instead of that use this powerful thought: “in this last life the Father made me His own.   It is a wonder; let me surrender this last body.   Through this old body I had claimed my inheritance for birth after birth.”  Do not create depressing thoughts.  Rather create thoughts of happiness. “Wah! my old body, which became the instrument for meeting the Father.”  Keep on saying Wah! Wah! and move yourself ahead.   Just as when you ride a horse with love and guide him with your hands then the horse canters ahead very well, but if again and again you whip the horse then he will give you even more trouble. This body is also yours. Do not keep on telling it that it’s an old useless body.  Saying this is like whipping it.  With a lot of happiness, praising its wonder a lot, keep moving it forward.  Then your old body will never disturb you; rather it will cooperate well with you.

There is no real foundation for becoming confused.  But the foundation of waste and weak thoughts does take you there.  If the foundation is indeed waste and weak, what do you expect the result to be?  Either you would stop, or you would hang in suspension or you would fall down below.  Then you would start screaming: “Baba I am yours, Give me power.”  If you would only remain set on your seat, the rays of power from the sun of knowledge would automatically, and permanently take the form of a canopy of protection.  You come down from your seat and then the wall of waste or weak thoughts stands in your way.  Weak thoughts don’t come individually, but second by second an unlimited number of thoughts rises up, and these form masses of bricks that become a wall.  Therefore the rays of the power of knowledge cannot pierce through it and reach you.   Then you complain that you are not receiving any help, you are not getting any happiness, or that you cannot get connected in yoga.  But how can you?

I did it!” Through this limited thought, do you eat green fruit?  Or does the bird of waste thoughts, through the variety of difficulties of Maya, the atmosphere, bad company, parmat or manmat, destroy the fruit.  This is the reason why you remain deprived of the fruit i.e. the treasures of attainments and experiences.  Where there is firm determination, it is impossible for you not to gain success.  Even if it is not in your thoughts, you will nevertheless gain attainments.  That means there will be greater attainment than you had anticipated.  So the present time is the age for achieving all attainments easily.

Thought creates your swaroop (your persona, what you embody).  When you keep on saying that there are obstacles, then you become the embodiment of there being obstacles.  Through weak thoughts you create a weak world.  This is because when there is one weak thought, it gives rise to a huge amount of weak thoughts which start flooding in one after the other.  One thought of “why” and “what” brings on a vast amount of “whys”, and “whats.”  When a powerful thought is engendered, such as: “I am a great warrior”, or “I am an elevated soul”, this makes the world become elevated.  Therefore it is said: As is the thought, so is the world.  This is totally the game of thoughts.

If you create a thought of happiness, at that time you will experience an atmosphere of happiness.  If you create a thought of sorrow, then within the atmosphere of happiness you spread an atmosphere of sorrow.  Then you will not be able to experience happiness.  Thus it is in your hands to establish the atmosphere and create the world.  Create firm determined thoughts and the obstacles vanish like magic.

When your swastithi (the stage of your self) is powerful, then the touchings you receive at amrit vela will be correct. Do not sit at amrit vela with mixed feelings in your mind.  Sit with a plain intellect then you will receive correct touchings.

Freedom is Power

To become an angel, you have to become free from the bondage of the mind.  The waste thoughts of the mind prevent you from becoming an angel.  Therefore an angel means someone who has no relationship with waste thoughts in the mind.  This remembrance should always remain: “I the angel, I am not bound in relationship with anyone, or anything.”

There is just one easy method to make the seed of any thought fruitful, and that is: always at each moment keep on filling that seed with strength from all the Father’s powers.  Through the Supreme Seed, the seed in the form of your thought will easily and automatically multiply and fructify.  But because you are not continuously in connection with that Seed you make other souls and relationships the method for expansion.  Due to this, when you do things according to how they are usually done, you do it like that person.  By getting into that expansion, you have to expend a lot of time and effort.  This is because you make another soul or facility into your foundation and support.  Instead of getting water and sunlight from the ocean and the sun, no matter how much water you take from facilities, or how much support you take from other souls, when you give sakash based on that, it is not possible for the seed to be fruitful.  Therefore after making the effort, after putting in time, when the attainment of the evident fruit does not occur, as you move along your enthusiasm diminishes, and you become depressed with yourself, your service companions or the service.  The waves of being sometimes in happiness, sometimes in depression, sometimes wobble your Brahmin life and sometimes move it forward.

If there are waste thoughts in your mind, then powerful thoughts will not be able to persist.  The waste repeatedly pulls you down.  The desires of the mind, and the aspirations in the minds of those who indulge in producing waste thoughts, are very high.  “I will do this, this should be done,” they make these plans very fast, that is to say they create very high speeds.  This is because the speed of waste thought is very fast.   Those who practice creating powerful thoughts will always do what they intend to do.  Their thinking and doing are equal.  They always create thoughts patiently and at a steady pace. Thus they get success in their activities.

Waste thoughts draw you into tempestuous storms and turbulence.  Powerful thoughts create abundance like the lush greenery of springtime.  Waste thoughts become the instruments to waste your energy and drain your spiritual power as well as waste your time.  Why is it that even now there are waste thoughts, what is the reason?  The treasure of powerful thoughts that Bapdada has provided you with is the murli of knowledge.  Each and every mahavakya (great saying of the murli) should be considered as powerful.  Because you have insufficient value for the treasure of these powerful thoughts, you do not inculcate or absorb powerful thoughts, so there is a chance for waste to get propagated.   If at all times you would be ruminating on each mahavakya (great word) of the murli, then waste would not be able to occupy a powerful intellect.  Your intellect remains empty.  So, seeing an empty place, the waste comes and occupies it.

Keep your intellect always filled with powerful thoughts.  The foundation of this is to listen to the murli every day, absorb it and become the embodiment of it.  These are three stages.  When you listen to it you like it very much.  You cannot carry on without hearing it.  This is also a stage.  Those who are at that stage desire to hear the murli when it is the time to listen to it.  Because they enjoy the taste of listening to it, for the duration of the murli they remain joyously enjoying the taste of it.  They remain intoxicated while listening to it.  Very good!  They also sing songs with happiness.  But when the time of listening is over, then that taste is also over.  This is because they did not absorb it. Through the power of absorption they did not fill their intellects with powerful thoughts, therefore waste remains present in the intellect.  Those who absorb always remain filled.  Therefore waste thoughts remain distant.  However those who become the embodiment become very powerful and they also make others powerful.  Otherwise this deficiency will remain.

Verify each thought.  The Father’s thoughts should be my thoughts.

The moment a soul with rights arrives, he immediately accepts that it is the Father’s right to demand purity from him, and he puts forth that firm determined thought, that I have to become pure.  Purity will always attract your heart.  Although Maya also comes to take your test as you move along, either in the form of thoughts, or in the form of dreams, yet as a soul with rights, you will not get confused because of being knowledgeful.  With the power of knowledge you will transform that thought.  After that one thought of Maya, you will not generate a vast number of other thoughts.  That trace will not give rise to a vast progeny.  If you think: “what happened?  This happened,” that is not called the progeny.

If times change, does your pure thought also get changed?  The pure action that you thought of doing, and the enthusiasm with which you decided to do that, also change.  In this regard, what did you see that was the speciality by which Brahma Baba took the number one position?  He did not say; “when, but let’s do it now.”  The saying goes: immediate donation is the great punya (charity, investment).  Waste thoughts arise with such force that you are not able to control them.  At that time you say: “what can I do, it happened, didn’t it?”  You were not able to hold it back.   Whatever came into your mind, you did that.  However, you need controlling power to handle waste.

The Fruit of Pure Thought

The fruit of one powerful thought is multimillion fold.  In the same way the account of one waste thought takes the form of you becoming sad, depressed, disheartened, or that your feelings of happiness fade away, you are unable to understand what you are, your are unable to understand yourself.  This is to have the experience of going into great loss as a result of one small incident.  Later on you think that: “after all it was nothing.  I don’t know why my happiness disappeared.  The issue was not a big one, but it has been many days, since my happiness has faded.  I don’t know why I like to be alone, where shall I go off to, but I have to go somewhere.”  Being alone means you don’t want to be without the Father’s company, do you?  OK though you may want to be alone, but never isolate yourself from the Father’s company.  If you isolate yourself from the Father’s company, you become vaeragi, you lose interest and became depressed.  This is another direction.  This is not Brahmin life.

You Brahmin souls must become knowledgeful yourselves, and then put forth each thought.  Then the thought (intention to do something good) and the success will be experienced together.

Check yourself as to whether or not you are bound by any form of thought.  Whether it is the bondage of waste thought, whether a thought of jealousy or envy, or a thought of carelessness, or of laziness; any kind of thought in those categories constitutes bondage of the mind.  So today Bapdada was looking at your bondages, and seeing how many free souls there are.

Always, every day, within your thoughts keep one or another thought of enthusiasm and zeal for your own self and for others.  Each day in the thoughts of the mind, emerge some or another thought of enthusiasm and zeal.  And use this thought to make yourself into the embodiment of that thought, and apply it to the service of others.  Then what would happen?  You would remain always in renewed zeal and enthusiasm.

The Language of Thought

The language of thought is also a very elevated language.  Because the power of thought is the most elevated power, it is the original power.  And the fastest language or communication system is the language of thought.  No matter how distant a person may be, and even if there are no facilities or equipment, yet through the language of thought you can convey a message to anyone.  At the end, this language of thought will be effective for communication.  When the facilities of science and technology fail, then this instrument of silence will accomplish the task.  However if you wish to make a connection you must always have a clear line.  To the extent that your line is clear with the one Father and the knowledge he has described; and to the extent that you are practiced in remaining busy in serving through that knowledge.  Because your thoughts have remained elevated, to that extent your line will be clear.  There will be no disturbance of waste thoughts.  To the extent that waste has been finished and that powerful thoughts are flowing, and to that extent the thoughts are elevated; then your thought will be experienced as clearly, as if they are hearing you speak through your mouth.  Because the language of thought is much faster than spoken language, you will enable anyone to experience it within a second.  Through the power of thought, you will convey the essence of a lecture of three minutes within a second.

Conquest of the mind means conquest over waste and negative thoughts.  Such children who conquer these gain a right to rule over the world.  This is why it is said: “the conqueror of the mind, is the conqueror over the world.”

Your karmic accounts are considered to have been paid when your burden is lifted.  So with great happiness burn up your burden of the past.  Bapdada is always cooperative with the children.  Do not think about it much.  Waste thinking also weakens you.  If you have waste thoughts running a lot, you should read the murli 2 or 4 times, and churn it.  Keep on studying.  One or another point will sit in your intellect.  Keep on accumulating the power of pure thoughts, and then the waste will be finished off.  Do you understand?

Constantly accumulate and add to your power of pure thoughts.  Now it is necessary to have the special experience of the power of pure thoughts and being introverted.  This power of pure thoughts finishes off waste thoughts easily.  Not only your own waste thoughts, but your pure thoughts will create pure feelings for others, and by adopting the form of good wishes you can transform them.  Now it is very essential for you to accumulate a stock of pure thoughts for your own self.

You hear the murli and your love for it is very good.  The murli is a treasure.  You must accumulate each point in the form of power.  This increases the power of pure thought.  At all times, apply thought to the task in the form of power.  Now you must give special attention to this speciality.  Now, know the importance of pure thought, and continue to experience it.  To that extent you will become experienced in serving through the mind.  First of all you must accumulate the power of pure thought for yourself.  Together with that, all of you are world benefactor souls along with the Father; you are world transformer souls.  There is still a lot of work to be done for world transformation through these pure thoughts.

Whenever you begin any work of service, first check in your intellect whether to the slightest extent there is still any past issue instead of cleanliness towards any soul.  If so you will look at them and speak to them with that attitude and drishti.  Otherwise the cleanliness that should be there for complete success in service will not be there.   Past matters or attitudes must all be finished off; this is cleanliness.  To hold on to a thought about the past constitutes a small percentage of sin.  Thoughts also make the world.  To speak makes an even greater impact.  However, when you create thoughts, if there is still the awareness of old thoughts, they make the world that way; that is they create an atmosphere like that.  Then you justify your words saying: “Whatever I said, it was indeed like that,” OK, But what was the result?  Your weak, waste thoughts created that waste world in the atmosphere.  Therefore, always be a true server, that is, finish off the old vibrations.

In each task, at all times, remember: “if not now, then never.”  If you retain this awareness, you will never waste your time, thoughts or action, but will always be accumulating.

Some think that they have less experience of the seed form stage, or the stage of powerful remembrance, or that only after applying a lot of attention can they get an experience.  The reason for this was told to you previously: there is leakage, and the power of the intellect goes towards waste.  Sometimes waste thoughts will flow; and at other times ordinary thoughts will be flowing.  To keep your intellect busy in the work you are doing is called having ordinary thoughts.

When you pay attention to your thoughts, if there is any subtle type of attack of Maya, you will discern it quickly, and you will be able to make the effort to transform or overcome it, and then finish it off quickly.

This is a very deep and subtle destination.  Just as the sinful action of a previous birth is burdensome and therefore prevents the soul from flying.  In the same way the small disobediences of this life become a burden, and this prevents you from experiencing the stage that you want.  Today you must remember this slogan: “Do not think waste, do not see waste, do not listen to waste, do not speak of waste, do not waste your time doing waste actions.”

Transformation of Consciousness

The foundation for transforming waste into powerful is pure feelings and good wishes.  No matter what someone is like, nevertheless you must maintain good feelings.  No matter how much dirty water is present, just keep on putting clean water in, and ultimately it will remove the dirty water.  If any soul does not have the power to remove their waste, then with the power of your pure feelings transform that waste into something powerful.  Do you have this much power or are you sometimes influenced?  Just as Bapdada transformed your waste when he saw it, didn’t he?  How did he do that?  Through pure feelings he thought: “these are my children.”  So through your pure feelings you should also think: “these are my family, these belong to the Godly family.”  No matter what they are like, even if they are like stones, yet you will transform that stone into water.  Are you such holy swans with that amount of pure feelings and good wishes?  The swan is always shown to be clean.  So you will transform them like a swan with a clean intellect.  You will not absorb their defects into yourself.

Always remain in this awareness, that “we souls are all siddhi swaroop” (the embodiments of success).  “Each thought, word and each act of we siddhi swaroop souls will cause ourselves and others to be accomplished with all powers.”  There will not be waste.  If you do whatever you say, this is called being siddhi swaroop.  You said it, and thought it, but did not do it; that is called waste.  Your thoughts are very good, but why is there is difference when it comes to putting it into action?  What is the reason for this?  If the seed is very good, but it does not produce good fruit, what would you say?  There must be a deficiency in the land, or in the fertilizer.  Anyway the seed in the form of thoughts is very good.  The thoughts reach Bapdada.  And Bapdada is also happy – you planted a very good seed, you created a very good thought, now the fruit is almost ready.  But what happens?  The land of firm inculcation is lacking, and again and again there is lack of fertilizer.

A holy swan finishes off whatever waste thoughts, waste words, waste action and waste relations and connections that might arise throughout the day.  If you have accepted even one waste thought, waste word, waste action, then just one waste thing gives birth to many forms of waste.  If one waste word is given power then it will make you experience a lot of waste.  You people call that bad feelings, anxiety, or being reactive.  When the feeling of just one waste thought arises that feeling will intensify.  Thus the progeny of waste is engendered very fast.  Whether it is due to past karma or whatever it may be.  If you utter even one waste word, then in order to prove your point, you have to say so many more waste words.  Just as people say, don’t they, in order to prove one lie, you have to cover it with so many other lies.  So the account of waste must be finished off and the account of the powerful must be constantly accumulated.  Even if someone gives you waste, you must transform it and then absorb it as powerful.  For that you need that much power to transform.  That person may hurl an insult at you, but you transform it into a flower.  They may get angry with you, but you respond with the cool water of peace.  You need this degree of the power to transform.  This is the work of a holy swan.  Have you made your life like this?  Or would you say: “what can I do?”  However, you have to turn the bad into good.  You don’t have to make good into good.  No matter what the atmosphere is like, regardless of the attitude, no matter what the words, no matter what the drishti is, but a holy swan makes everyone holy.

Whenever anyone provokes a flow of waste thoughts, what do you experience?  You head feels heavy.  There is a burden, so your head gets weighed down, doesn’t it?   So always stay in the company of the Father, and always hold on to the pure thoughts given by the Father.  You have received so many pure thoughts through the Father.  When you get any good, or great thing, then why would you bother with an ordinary thing?  You would finish it off, wouldn’t you?

Keep your mind and intellect so busy that waste thoughts don’t get a chance to come.  If they do, then you have to chase them away.  After all they take up your time, don’t they?  Waste thought should not even come.  The method for ensuring this is to keep your mind constantly busy in service of the mind, through words and in physical service.  Every day’s murli is a resource for keeping your mind busy.  You hear the murli every day; you read it.  So you stay busy, don’t you?  Then the waste is over.

The sign of a master almighty authority is that both thoughts and actions will be the same.  It is not that the thoughts are very elevated and when it comes to performing action, you are not able to bring those elevated thoughts into practical form; this would not be described as a master almighty authority.


As is the thought, so definitely would be the attitude.  You would never have any waste thoughts for anyone, or for yourself; then what would be in your attitude?  That feeling would be in your attitude, and that same action would then automatically take place.  So the attitude cannot be waste even for a second.  You cannot allow even one waste thought to persist even for a second, because you are responsible for the subsequent impact on the whole tree.  Do you think of this?

In the world there are two things that attract: one is the relationship with people and the other is the attainment through many varieties of objects or equipment.  Maya provokes in you this thought: “it happens like this, there are some high ups that act like this, this is how it goes,” or you say: “anyway at this time I am making effort, anyway no one has become perfect yet, so certainly there will be some deficiencies remaining, in the future I will become perfect.”  In this way the pillars of weak thoughts get strengthened.  You should not take support from such pillars.  In the coming time, these artificial pillars will betray you.  The foundation of all relationships for all time is one Father, but you have insufficient experience of this.  You must increase the experience of being supported and protected through having cultivated all relationships with the Father.

You do not become trikaldarshi (a seer of the three aspects of time) before performing any action or thinking any thought.  Therefore you become one of a number.  If any thought arises in your intellect, that thought is the seed; the words and the actions are the expansion of that seed.  If you check the thought, that is the seed, having stabilised yourself in the stage of trikaldarshi, and having fully empowered yourself, then you will automatically and definitely attain success in your words and actions.

Put forth a firm determined thought; determination most certainly brings about success.  Do not engender weak thoughts.  You waste a lot of time sustaining those.  They arise very fast.  In one second a hundred are born.  And how much time does it take to sustain them.  It also takes time to erase them; it takes time and you remain deprived of the blessings and boons of Bapdada.  Bind yourself in the bondage of pure thoughts as in a corral.  Even if you are a little weak, for that also, this corral of pure thoughts constitutes a canopy, it becomes an instrument of safety; it becomes a fortress.  So far, you have failed to recognise the power of pure thoughts adequately.  The miracle that can be performed with one single pure, or powerful thought can accomplish anything.  You should experience this, this year and see.

You understand, and you also think that this is not right, that it creates harm, yet even so, you go for it, what is the reason?  You have insufficient power to transform.  The first and most important transformation is the transformation of your form.  “I am not this body, but I am a soul,” this is the transformation of your form.  This is the initial transformation of the beginning.  You must check this also, then at the time when there is the force of dehbhan (the feeling of the body) are you able to hold yourself steady in the consciousness of the soul, or do you fall into body-consciousness?  If your power to transform works in one second, then you save so much time and power.  Instead of going into waste, you go into the best.

Waste cannot come In front of an intellect filled with faith, because the questions of “why, what and how” constitute waste.  Since you know the secret of the drama, and you are the knowers of the beginning, middle and end.  Wouldn’t those who know the beginning, middle and end of the whole world drama, also know the beginning, middle and end of the tiniest things?  Because of not knowing, the waste thoughts of “why, what and how” start flowing.  If you had incontrovertible faith in drama, and you were knowledgeful, and powerful, then waste thoughts would not have the courage to shake you.

Once a thought is waste then automatically and certainly, your treasure goes to waste.  For a waste thought to flow, or for you to cause waste thoughts to flow in others, means you became an instrument to cause it to flow within yourself and you caused it to flow within others.  Thus is waste thought a form of purity?  You must bring the secret of purity in thought in front of others in a practical form, mustn’t you?   Anyway it has been seen that the five vices, from lust to attachment…  The number one of them all is lust, and the least serious is attachment.  However, when any vice arises, waste thought also engenders anger.  Lust means waste drishti.  If waste drishti also goes to any soul, it implies that at that time it would not be accepted that you have purity.  So why do you not surrender that waste thought to the father?

Bapdada is saying that knowledgeable souls either develop arrogance of their own virtues, or their specialities, or else, as much as they move forward to that extent they see some deficiency, not in their own effort, but they see there is a deficiency in their name, honour, respect, being asked about, being moved forward, becoming a centre in charge, in service, in being given a special role.  This waste thought is particularly harmful for knowledgeful souls. Nowadays these two specially constitute the foundation of waste thoughts.

Power Leaks

Waste thoughts sometimes flow a lot in the majority of children.  Through this your accumulated powers go to waste and leak away.  Therefore give your mind the homework of thinking about one or other of your titles.  Create a timetable for your mind.  You already make a timetable for your activity, but you need to create a timetable for your mind.  At amrit vela after celebrating the meeting give this to your mind, to cultivate your self-respect, but just as it was said to you 12 or 13 times everyone gets time.  In this you must realize, and also revise then due to the mind being engaged your time will not get spent in waste thoughts.  You will not have to expend effort.  Then at all times you will experience the pleasure of the confluence age, which is the time for experiencing pleasure.

According to the completion of time, the presence of waste thoughts is a sign of impurity.  Throughout the day, you must also check whether any waste thought of arrogance or of feeling insulted, draws you towards itself.  This is because, as you move along, if you consider the specialities that were given you by the Father, to be your own, you will come into arrogance.  That also is waste thought; and because of the impure thoughts that arise from a sense of ownership, you think: “I am not less, I also know everything, my idea is indeed right, it is elevated and worthy.”  This arrogant thought that arises from a sense of ownership is also a subtle trace of impurity.

The Details of the Power of Thought – Selected from Avyakt Bapdada

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