Intense Mental Pleasure and Freedom

Vaeragya, the Power of Withdrawal, Solitude and Manmohj

(Intense Mental Pleasure and Freedom)

Vaeragya is the state of such detachment and disinterest that the power of attraction of material delights finds no resonance with you. This state of consciousness is a precondition for the development of the power of withdrawal. Solitude for long periods of time, lets you remain internalized, alone, beyond the emotions of loneliness, feelings of rejection, abandonment, being passed over, failure etc. Then you can cross over into the zone of Manmohj. Manmohj is the mind in intense pleasure and freedom, aware of the beauty and wonder of the drama of the world as it is. Seeing a dimension of reality where everything is as it should be. You are independent of good and evil and can neither feel guilty about anything you did, nor blame anyone else for anything they ever did. You realize that the best thing of all is to be you. You are in the consciousness of I, the soul. Darkness, whether emotional, spiritual or philosophical, contains light; and the shadow casts no influence either on you or on your circumstances.

Silence of the mind is then possible. There is no strain or resistance. Your powers of perception indicate no problem. The landscape of your mind contains logical connections between and among events and perceptions, and their beauty pleases you.

As you become completely honest and real, the self becomes strong. Your practice to be bodiless while alive brings you into the same consciousness as God. God is bodiless and He sees all the lives of each one. He knows the threads of the tapestry of human interaction and is pleased with the design. You can also see with the eyes of bodilessness. That is the same as recovering your original stage, and regaining your original sanskaras of beauty and harmony. This is your desire. This desire is the desire for sovereignty, and this desire is raj yoga. Mental communion with God brings sovereignty. However you must claim it. You thus activate your connection with God and God activates your soul. This activation is purification. To be impure is to forget. You don’t know your ancient past, but it can be known; and it is known to God.

It is believed that only a Golden vessel can hold the milk of a lioness. Remembrance turns you to gold, that is, it purifies your intellect, the vessel that can hold the lioness milk of God’s knowledge. God knows each one of your births. This is a full 360 degree perspective on your identity. Understanding this compels you to make your claim. It is crucial to make your foundation strong. You have to develop relentless resilience to storms of pain and sorrow that will surely come. If you do claim mental sovereignty you will not experience sorrow.

Practice to have such remembrance that you have no other awareness than the awareness of God. Create time for this. Catch your real sanskaras. Catching power is cultivated through silence. Become what you were. Experience a time frame of 5000 years to be the same as remembering yesterday. This keeps your soul in perpetual happiness, regardless of death.

After the Murli, Dadi Janki said:

Reflecting further on the theme of the “Call of the Time” of last May at GRC: Mind and Matter as Two Interlocking Living Systems.

My Inner voice: – can I hear it so clearly that I am led to say and do amazing things. We should take full advantage of the wonder of our mind. Hear the inner voice in dead silence. At death the soul may leave the body but it keeps the sanskaras. Now become sanskara-less. Return to your original golden age sanskaras. After long tapasya you develop catching power. You are the same one who appeared in the previous time cycle. You must try to catch that vibration so that you can connect the two ends of time together and make the continuum.

Now God, the knower of everyone’s time and space has come to you, and you must evolve into what you have to become. This information gives strength to your heart, and the courage to do the necessary work of intellectual refinement. Rough thoughts graze the soul and most people’s mind is rough these days. Matter performs well automatically. The body’s autonomic nervous system and nature continuously perform wonders. By that account the mind should do likewise, so that you can even leave your body in happiness.

Silence comes after you have achieved happiness and power. If you do as God does, you will then have access to the energy of God. There is a deep connection between power and values. The eight powers and twelve values are extraordinary treasures. If you stay in mohj, that pleasure of the enlightened unencumbered mind, then you never experience confusion. You are free and have no desire or need for support, companions or facilities. In this stage you catch the energy and exist in Araam or Vishraam, rest and comfort. This is called the state of Nindra jit, the conqueror of sleep. In this state of consciousness your mind remains free. This gives your intellect the space to do its work.

In 1991, Dadi Janki achieved the blessing of prikrti jit, the conqueror of matter. She learned how to run her body well, despite its 95 years of age. God moves one who knows how to move themselves. This also involves avoidance of the sanskar of focusing on, thinking about and commenting on the sanskaras of others. Observing their role is a good thing. Condemning their actions is not.

If you claim to promote the feeling of belonging, it implies you consider each person as your brother or your sister. In that attitude, accept them as they are, keep discrete, and help them move forward. You may move yourself ahead, but not at someone’s expense, having condemned their actions. You need to become subtler, and listen to the small voice of your conscience.

Incorporeal God acts, and acts through instruments simultaneously. If you were truly working with God, then you would be visible as an angel. Only if you are bodiless can God work through you. Now you need to become angels without flesh and bones, then you will feel no pain. The experience of pain activates your ego, which is displayed when you engage in comparison, competition, complaints and criticism about others. In that mentality God cannot work through you. To be bodiless you need power, and you accumulate Yoga power from your practice and discipline of purity.

Intense Mental Pleasure and Freedom

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